January 19, 2017

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Best Architecture Visualization Software

Introduction Architectural visualization software or “computer aided architectural design (CAAD)” is the term used in 3D architecture and 3D design. 3D software is used in rendering 3D model into an architectural visualization transforming it into a stunning presentation or a live-walk through. The architectural industry is also enhancing the development of3D architectural visualization skills within […]


Ronen Bekerman’s ronenbekerman.com

One of the most looked up modern architects in our time is Ronen Bekerman. Through his blogs and personal site, ronenbekerman.com, he was able to post the most intricate building designs and architectural ideas not just from himself but also from various modern architects. It is a great blog made for architects, aspiring architects, and […]


Scott Onstott’s Enhancing Architectural Drawing and Models with Photoshop

There are a lot of reference books for Architecture, but if you’re a selective type of reader, you may find this hard to believe. Fortunately, there are really some books which have over the top characteristics when it comes to information and product quality. For modern architects, a useful reference book would be Scott Onstott’s […]


AlexHogrefe.Com: A Must-See Website on Architecture

If you’re seeking for a source of inspiration, or fresh ideas that you can use on a presentation you’re working on right now, then you should definitely check out AlexHogrefe.Com. The website contains an astounding lore of architectural graphics, rendering tips, and easy-to-follow tutorials that have continued to teach and amaze college students and the […]